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Alex Brooks

Snr. Occupational Therapist | MLD Practitioner | Reflexologist

Alex qualified as an Occupational Therapist from Brunel University in 2008 and spent the following years working across diverse areas within Occupational Therapy both in physical and mental health as well as the private, NHS and community settings. She developed a passion for fostering relationships with people and guiding them through their recovery journey, finding creative, unique and person-centred ways to help them make improvements to their quality of life and achievement of personal goals.


Her specialist interest has always been in recovery and patient-focussed rehabilitation, with her experience taking her to work for DMRC Headley Court, where she treated conditions which involved wound healing, scars and oedema management. She grew an appreciation for the impact of trauma on people both cognitively, physically and emotionally. Alex then further trained in the Vodder method, of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and also decided at this time, to add a complementary health aspect to her practice and completed her training as a Level III Reflexologist.


Alex enjoys working with people to achieve their individual goals, e.g. from being able to increase their exercise tolerance through graded activities, to reducing pain through Reflexology and MLD. She offers patients a variety of treatment modalities that reduce stress, alleviate tension and improve their general quality of life, health and well-being.


Alex works in a holistic manner, incorporating all aspects of people’s lives into their therapy and believes that her diverse background and experience enables her to support and treat a variety of patients with many different conditions and ailments.

Domiciliary (at home) visits are available for patients who are not able to visit the clinic for any reason.

Some feedback fro Alex's clients:


“I felt so deeply relaxed I fell asleep” It was as though I’d been sleeping for hours, but only nodded off for a few minutes.

“I had a sense of warmth moving around my ankles” which continued even after Alex moved on to another area. This was very soothing and relieved some of the pain I’d been experiencing.

“I’ve had a wonderful feeling of lightness in my legs, as though someone lifted the chains I’ve previously been dragging around with me!” This continued for a few days after my session, returning only shortly before my next appointment.

“I noticed my abdomen was much flatter the next day and my wife even said my clothes looked better on me!”

“I left my session feeling very relaxed but a bit ‘odd’, it was only a few hours later I noticed I had no pain!”