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Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

What is Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage:

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage like standard Reflexology, in that treatments are performed to the feet; however, focus is specifically placed on the reflexes of the lymphatic system in order to stimulate them and cause a positive effect on their function. This award-winning technique was developed by Sally Kay Bsc. Hons (www.reflexologylymphdrainage.co.uk) and has been proven to be beneficial with several conditions, including pain and oedema reduction in Cancer Care.
RLD is considered to be a ground-breaking new form of therapy, as it is one which people with cancer can enjoy, without it causing them any harm, injury or discomfort. At the RLD therapist’s discretion, people with an active diagnosis of Cancer, those receiving treatment in the form of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, or those in remission, are all able to receive RLD as a treatment. This can be of benefit to them in many ways – eg. from offering pain relief, aiding in enhancing the immune system and helping to reduce and alleviate swelling.

How does RLD work?

Similar to standard Reflexology, RLD can be performed to either the hands or the feet. Evidence based research has shown that by working the direct (and associated) reflexes of the lymphatic system, RLD can be used to aid in the reduction of swelling and promote lymph drainage. It is a soft touch, non-invasive technique, which offers the recipient an opportunity to relax and switch off from mental, physical and or emotional stressors. Several people have reported finding RLD to be “incredibly soothing” and “offered them a renewed sense of well-being,” along with several other important benefits.
RLD can be performed either lying flat on a massage table or reclined in a chair, with the recipient’s feet easily accessible to the therapist, either being supported by a bolster cushion or pillow. Fragranced balms, lotions or un-scented creams may be used, as per individual persons preference. These enable the techniques performed to be fluid and specific in their application. By focussing on the lymphatic reflexes, the whole system is encouraged to work optimally in removing waste products, improving circulation and detoxification as well as draining areas of increased swelling and fluid retention.
The therapist my also include: treatment to associated reflexes, target independent organs and treat precise areas of the body so as to alleviate specific symptoms or enhance the management of a certain condition (eg. for headaches, sinusitis or inflammation).

RLD works in that it rebalances the lymphatic system and promotes it’s function by removing waste products, congestion and inflammation. By treating the “unaffected” side of the body twice, a vacuum is initially created in which excess fluid and debris from the “affected” side is then moved into, prior to this then finally being pushed through the body once again on completion of the sequence.

Your RLD therapist may spend extra time on certain areas which are found to have increased congestion, hardened swelling or a greater area of inflammation. This will ensure that the body is able to move lymph successfully from one area to another with as little resistance as possible and ensure it continues to perform at its optimal level of function, even after the treatment has been completed.