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Robbie Gaylor

Registered Osteopath


Rob has always had an interest in health and fitness and after leaving the cooperate world behind him, along with his own recruitment business, he qualified as a personal trainer and then enrolled at the College of Osteopaths in 2013. This highlighted the importance of combining both osteopathy and exercise to achieve the best outcomes as well how a problem in one site can lead to a change in how the body moves and behaves.


Rob’s anatomy knowledge of how joints and muscles interact and effect one another allow him to not only diagnose but understand your injury. He will put you in the driving seat to your recovery through treatment, advice and empowering you with self-management strategies and exercise to gain the most from your treatments.

Rob worked with a biomechanics coach during his osteopathic degree which further developed his skills in the rehabilitation working with sports enthusiasts, gym goers, Judo and mixed martial artists, Footballers and non-sporting injuries. 


Rob takes great pride in having helped injured athletes compete in events they would have otherwise missed through injury as well as returning rugby players back to full contact training.

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