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Running Clinic

Run by Brian, his Running Clinic includes:


  • Running analysis (technique assessment and coaching)

  • Strength and conditioning (appropriate exercises, correct technique)

  • CORE Conditioning

  • Advice on Training Planning and Schedules

  • Advice on injury prevention

  • Periodisation

  • Motivational Techniques

  • Race Strategies


Experience indicates that the above topics can be covered within an 8-12 week programme. After the initial analyses of running biomechanics the sessions are individually tailored to improve technique and performance. Sessions are based on individual fitness levels and are progressive.


Ultimately you will achieve a more efficient running technique which will improve performance and enjoyment. Additionally this increased efficiency combined with increased strength and conditioning will lead to a decrease in repetitive strain injuries which are most common with running.


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"Good posture and movement really does start with your feet, they should provide a stable base of support for everything from the ground up"...
Hannah Walder BSc(Hons)Ost PGCert - Senior Registered Osteopath