Sports Massage

"Hannah has looked after me since 2004 for various sports and work related injuries. More recently, I have seen other members of the team at Osteopathy First including Gary Hobbs and Rob Hill - they are all truly dedicated to their work and don't rest until they get to the bottom of fixing things." Rick, Ware.

Sports Massage is useful for anyone who suffers with muscular tension and is a useful adjunct to Osteopathic, Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy treatment.


It is particularly suitable for runners, triathletes or anyone who regularly partakes in sports and exercise.


Muscular tension is often a pre-cursor to other injuries. You will naturally compensate for initial problems by altering your posture and gait to reduce the tension on the body. This will continue to happen until the body can no longer cope and acute injury ensues.


Sports Massage can help improve training, performance and can also help to prevent injury.

We offer 25 minute and 55 minute sports massage treatments, with a 6 for 5 package available for either option. Sports Massage is undertaken at our clinic only by Registered Osteopaths or Chartered Physiotherapists.

Our Sports Massage treatments are tailored to your specific needs and specific sport. We will optimise the treatment based on whether you have an upcoming event, or whether you require more of a recovery based treatment following an event or competition.

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