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Our Fees

(from 1 April 2019)

For all consultations please allow up to 60 minutes 

For all subsequent appointments please allow up to 30 minutes

Athlete Sessions with Director Rob Hill allow up to 60 minutes


Initial Consultation Osteopathy/Physiotherapy Associate £54

Initial Consultation Osteopathy/Physiotherapy Director (Walder/Hill) £67

Subsequent Appointments Osteopathy/Physiotherapy Associate £45

Subsequent Appointments Osteopathy/Physiotherapy Director (Walder/Hill) £52

Athlete Session £77


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Initial Consultation plus inclusive block of three inclusive shockwave therapy treatments £195

Subsequent Appointments £65


Biomechanical Assessment


Initial Consultation including Gaitscan Clinic Directors only £75

Subsequent Rescan £54

Custom Prescription Orthotics £295

Subsequent Pairs ordered within twelve weeks of first £200

Recover of prescription orthotics purchased from us £60


Sports Massage (undertaken by Osteopath/Physiotherapist)

25 minutes £36

55 minutes £62

Swedish/Aromatherapy/Deep Tissue Massage (undertaken by Massage Therapist)

25 minutes £30

55 minutes £55