Our Fees

(from 1 April 2020)

For all consultations/athlete sessions please allow up to 60 minutes 

For all subsequent appointments please allow up to 30 minutes


Initial Consultation (Associate) £55  -  Initial Consultation (Director - Hannah Walder/Rob Hill) £68

Subsequent Appointments (Associate) £46  -  Subsequent Appointments (Director - Hannah Walder/Rob Hill) £53

Athlete Session (Rob Hill only) £78


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Initial Consultation plus inclusive block of three inclusive Shockwave Therapy Treatments £195

Subsequent Appointments £65


Biomechanical Assessment

Initial Consultation including Gaitscan Clinic (Associate) £60

Initial Consultation including Gaitscan (Director - Hannah Walder/ Rob Hill) £80

Subsequent Rescan (Associate) £55

Subsequent Rescan (Director - Walder/Hill) £62


Custom Prescription Orthotics (requires Consultation & Gaitscan prior to order) £300

Subsequent Pairs (ordered at the same time as first pair) £200

Recover of prescription orthotics purchased from us £60


Sports Massage (undertaken by an Osteopath)

25 minutes £37 - 55 minutes £63

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