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Chris Tyler


Senior Associate Registered Osteopath

Chris graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London, gaining a Masters degree in Osteopathy and since qualifying Chris has gone on to complete further training as a sports massage therapist. During his training, Chris experienced working with chronically ill patients in the Royal Free Hospital and in elderly homes in London, where he was treating a large variety of conditions. 


Chris has a particular interest in sports injuries being a keen sportsman himself and since qualifying has treated professional and amateur sports teams and individuals.   He joined the Osteopathy First team in 2011 and is recognised by all major private insurance companies.   He was inspired to study Osteopathy thanks to all the great Osteopathy and rehab he received as a child following a spinal injury, which left him with nerve damage.   Ever since then he has had a passion to help others in the same way, and show people you don’t have to “just live with it”   


His special interests are in spinal injuries and neurological conditions.   He has also carried out further training in shoulder injuries and enjoys working with complex patients to address their complex biomechanical issues.  Chris has great success with many hip complaints working closely with Consultants pre and post surgery.   


In his treatment, Chris's aim is to find the root cause of the issue and to restore his patients to their optimum, to be the very best they can be - improving their performance and achieving their goals, whether that may be to play more comfortably with Grandchildren or to run a marathon.   

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