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At your first visit, we will take a detailed medical case history and you may be asked to undress to your underwear so that a detailed structural and functional assessment can be made. You are more than welcome to bring someone with you to the consultation and any subsequent treatments if you wish to have a chaperone.


We will discuss our findings with you and let you know what our aims and objectives will be for your treatment plan. Our treatment is 'patient centered' which means that each treatment is geared to you as an individual. The number of treatments needed varies depending on the patient and the symptoms. We will be able to give you a good idea of how many visits you will need after your initial consultation.


You are welcome to bring shorts and a vest if you will feel more comfortable to wear these during your examination. If you are a sports person or runner, please bring your sports or running shoes/boots with you as this will assist us in our investigation of your condition. If you have had any previous investigations such as x-rays or MRIs and you have reports at home pertaining to these, please bring copies of these and any other previous medical findings which are pertinent to your case or email them to us prior to your visit.


PLEASE NOTE that patients who have not attended our Clinics for two years or more will be booked in for a new consultation so that we can gather your current medical history as well as perform a thorough re-examination so that we are up to date with you completely. This is to ensure that we have all relevant information prior to formulating an appropriate and current working diagnosis so that we can decide with you on an appropriate treatment and management plan.

For more information please click here for a leaflet produced by the General Osteopathic Council about your first visit.

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