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Modern Medical Acupuncture

Modern medical acupuncture is a method of treating certain musculoskeletal disorders by inserting needles into various parts of the body.


The practioner uses scientific knowledge of modern anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to determine the problem and then how best to treat it. It can be used hand in hand with osteopathic or physiotherapy treatment.


Acupuncture is essentially painless. Although some people may experience a slight pinch as the needle is inserted, many feel nothing at all. Once inserted, the needles remain in place for 30 seconds or even up to 30 minutes.


Because modern acupuncture needles are disposable and used only once, there is no risk of transmitting infections from one person to another. Like all forms of treatment people respond in differing ways; many people feel relaxed after treatment whilst others feel energetic.

"I have been a patient of Hannah's Osteopathic treatment for several years and no longer suffer with the pain I used to get from ongoing back and shoulder problems. A recent injury to my achilles tendons has also led me to try Rob's modern acupuncture which seems to have helped where all else was failing. The practice is friendly and professional at all times - I would highly recommend them." Cara, Shefford.
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