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Functional Rehabilitation

Our focus is on future injury prevention as well as management of the symptoms you present to us with.


‘PREHABILITATION’ and Functional Rehabilitation are still a fairly new concept in private practice but has been used in the professional sports world and within our clinics for some years now.


With this service the therapist, and patient/athlete in consult, create a personalised and continually evolving exercise and treatment program. It provides specific, focused exercises with a simple philosophy - to prevent injuries rather than just treat them when they occur.

This approach is also used to improve athletic performance be it running, swimming or playing team sports such as football, rugby or hockey. Our Senior osteopath Rob Hill worked for some years as a Consultant Performance Therapist for British Athletics where he used these same philosophies to allow athletes to perform to their very best ability in training and in competition.


All our team shares this philosophy and Senior Osteopaths Hannah and Rob have gone on to study in this particular area with the University of Hatfield Physiotherapy Department. We have a team approach meaning that we work together to ensure you get the right treatment, advice and expertise by inter-referral when necessary.

Our aim therefore, is to treat not only the problem you have, but help you identify the root of the cause and what you can do to help prevent recurrence of this, and other injuries in the future.

"I have visited Osteopathy Firsts' Rob Hill, for the past 6 months with quite a few different aches and pains. The service is exceptional and the explanation of injury and treatment is reassuring. Appointments are easily made and it is nice to know that the staff are there for you when you really need them. I never want to do anywhere else!" Lynsey, Arlesey.
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