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Canine Osteopathy

Working with absolutely the same principals as human patients, both Hannah and Claire see a variety of canine patients too. 

Canine Osteopathy, just like its human equivalent, is a system of treatment and management that uses physical techniques to ease tension and restrictions from the joints and muscles of the body in order to improve the structural, functional and physiological harmony of the dog. By working on the joints, muscles, blood flow and neurological supply, canine osteopathy works to reinstate the natural balance of the body, thereby improving overall function. We will also discuss your home environment, and offer advice on improvements that can be made to help your dog.


Osteopathy for dogs (as with humans!) isn't about fixing backs, we can help with a variety of issues including the following:

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • General stiffness in the older dog

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Arthritis

  • General lameness

  • General gait improvement (specifically for show & other competition dogs)



In the first instance, we will ask for some initial details as to why you are seeking our help; further information may be sought prior to booking. If we require Veterinary consent, this needs to be obtained prior to assessment and treatment as it is a legal requirement for us to gain consent from your own vet for us to treat your dog in some circumstances.

We DO NOT undertake Remedial or Critical Care of Canine patients at this practice. This includes serious injuries such as cruciet injury, spinal injury, rehabilitation following surgery, or severe spinal conditions such as IVDD.


We DO undertake treatment of minor musculo-skeletal injuries such as sprains and strains, provided your dog has been seen by your Vet and they are happy to email us their consent to treat your dog.

We DO undertake treatment of dogs for maintenance care, given to an otherwise healthy animal for the purpose of prevention of injury, performance enhancement or to improve physical/mental wellbeing. This does not require Veterinary consent.


We DO treat older animals who are suffering with arthritic complaints, and who would benefit from massage treatment to their muscles to help with their mobility provided they have been assessed and are under the care of your Vet and they are happy to email us their consent to treat your dog.


We DO treat competition animals such as show dogs/agility/flyball/obediance/field trial competitors who are otherwise healthy, fit and well but where optimisation of posture, gait and movement quality are essential. To support and enhance performance, and help prevent injury, we can offer regular treatments including pre-season care to aid pre-season transition back to activity. This does not require Veterinary consent.


Treatment includes soft tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation and exercises and advice as appropriate.

Where necessary, we may refer back to your Vet if we feel that further investigation is necessary.

Receipts for treatment will be provided on request for you to pass to your pet insurance company should you have appropriate cover.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Ossie had a very thorough treatment by Hannah, she found a few problems and has given us things to work on. Thrilled." Laura Kitchiner, Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
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