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Hip Pain

There are a number of reasons for hip pain, such as a tight, strained or overused muscle in the hip or from the joint itself. Pain in the hip can sometimes be the result of an injury, it can be referred from the back or related to the way a person moves, stands and/or uses the hip.

Pain from osteoarthritis or wear and tear in the hip joint is also common. Osteopaths can help manage the stiffness by looking at the way the hip moves, strengthening and stretching the muscles, gently massaging the hip muscles and stretching the hip joint to reduce tension and improve the mobility of the joint, as well as working on the secondary problems like backache. You will almost always be given exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles to support the joints.

X-rays, scans and other tests are sometimes required to make a diagnosis and if we feel it is appropriate to refer for these investigations we will recommend that you seek the opinion of your GP. 

We are experienced at looking after patients who are awaiting replacement operations. Our aim is to get you as fit and strong as we can to go into your surgery, so that you come out the other side having already started your rehabilitation before you went in - this is termed PREHAB.

We are ALWAYS happy to talk to you about your health and how you may benefit from Osteopathic treatment.

 Just give us a call on 01438 364652 or email


As with all conditions, if we feel that Osteopathic treatment is not the most suitable course of action for you at that time, we will discuss this will you fully, explaining why, and then referring you to see your GP to discuss further investigation if that is what we consider to be clinically appropriate.

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