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Good posture, bad posture

I get told a lot by patients that they have backpain 'because of bad posture'. This is interesting. Anything you do for a sustained period has the potential to cause you pain, whether your posture be 'good' or 'bad.' If you sit at your desk in even the most 'perfect' of postures for twelve hours without a rest, you will most likely suffer for it.

If you sit for prolonged periods with your phone tucked under your ear, you are even more likely to suffer - and so it is important to minimise the stresses in your body when you are standing, or sitting, but actually a real key to all of it is to regularly change what you are doing. If you stand all day at work, perch for a while, or walk for a while. If you sit all day, stand up and always offer to be the one to make the tea for everyone! Make sure you have a walk at lunchtime, ensure that you get some fresh air and MOVE your body.

Prolonged periods on a laptop, tablet or phone have the potential to cause issues, but five minutes will not harm you. Slouching for eight hours in the same 'posture' is no good for anyone so set your alarm on your phone every half an hour if you need a reminder to get up and get moving.

The human body, and the spine in particular, is a very strong and resilient thing indeed. A strong and healthy back can withstand most of the forces that we put upon it on a day to day basis. A back that is weak, unconditioned, unfit, immobile and weak will suffer far more than one that is strong, with optimal flexibility and health.

So whatever you do all day every day, at home or at work, ensure that you find the time to invest in the health of your whole body, by moving for 30 minutes a day. You might choose gardening, the gym or just start with a walk in the park to improve your whole body health and wellbeing. You could sign up for a Pilates class to really strengthen your whole body, including your spine. You will find that in improving both your strength and flexibility, your 'posture' will improve all on it's own. It's magic.

If you have persisitant pain, or are looking for advice on how to begin your journey to better health and wellbeing, call us now on (01438) 364652 and book your Initial Consultation with an experienced Osteopath or Physiotherapist at Osteopathy First. We will assess you as an individual, taking into account your current lifestyle, and work with you to set specific goals and targets to help you be the very best you can be.

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