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Marathon Goals!

With the London Marathon under our belts for this year, we thought you might like to read this personal story from Megan, who visited our clinic earlier in the year. She was looked after by our Registered Sports Therapist and Chartered Physiotherapist, Kerri Surman who is available at our Clinic for appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"I have previously seen Kerri early last year regarding some back problems. In late December 2018, I found out that I had a place in the London Marathon, I was very much a non runner and started my training straight away. I think I increased my miles too rapidly and by late January I was suffering with severe hip pain and by the 1st weekend of Feb, I had to cut a run short and get a taxi home as my hip was in total agony and I had excruciating shooting pains down my leg and could not walk for days. I contacted Kerri in a complete state of panic and she told me to book in an appointment to see her.

After reviewing my symptoms, Kerri advised I had tendonitis and also suffering with weak glutes which was causing pain in my piriformis muscle and having a knock on effect to my sciatic nerve when the muscle got tight. I was gutted. I had been googling both of these injuries and the recovery times were lengthy and running was out of the question. Kerri told me that she was determined to get me through the marathon and whilst I may not be able to run, she would devise a training plan to build strength and also keep up my fitness levels.

Kerri promised me that she would get me to the starting line fit and healthy rather than broken also suggested using shockwave treatment on the tendon to increase the chances of a quicker recovery. I had complete trust in Kerri and completely went with her advice and booked in weekly shockwave treatments and also follow up physio sessions and a final shockwave treatment a week before the big race!

In addition to my treatments, Kerri adapted a training plan to include many useful exercises to improve my running form, the way I landed and to build up strength. Each week I would visit the clinic and be so worried that I wasn’t doing enough and in a state of panic and she was always so calm, reassuring and positive, each week she would spend time to check on my progress and make edits to my training plan along the way.

If it wasn’t for Kerri, I honestly think I would have deferred my London Marathon place as I was so disheartened and didn’t believe I could do it. In my training, the maximum mileage I reached was 12 miles and this wasn’t anywhere near what I needed to do according to many online training plans! Kerri kept reassuring me not to worry.

I completed the marathon on Sunday in 4 hours 57 minutes!!!! Kerri was the first person to message me as I crossed the line as she had been tracking my progress throughout the race and I cant thank her enough for what she did for me. She truly went above and beyond the role of a physio and I couldn’t have done it without her!

I cant sing her praises enough! I have told all my family, friends and colleagues about Kerri and they couldn’t believe the dedication she put into my recovery."

Megan Smith

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