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Interdisciplinary Approach To Patient Care

Here at The Hertfordshire Sports Clinic we see many different patients and although we are considered a leading sports injury clinic that only tells half the story as we see many non-sporting cases every single day. We have the same dedication to all patient groups in getting them over their problems and restoring their lives back to normal and beyond. This is one of these stories.

It is the story is of one of our patient’s bringing her daughter in for some symptomatic relief after being diagnosed with a child version of chronic arthritis which she had been receiving strong drug treatment for many years.

Words of Darcy McDonnell’s mother Faye McDonnell:

"My daughter was just 10 years old when by specialists at both Lister and Great Ormond Street hospital diagnosed her with a crippling illness called Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). It is an aggressive, non-infective autoimmune that affects children."

Her pain started after my daughter sustained an injury to her knee whilst playing in a swimming pool when on holiday. After reading up on JIA I was not convinced with this diagnosis being correct and sought further advice and help with pain relief from Hannah.

Both Hannah and Rob were uncertain of the JIA diagnosis and within 3 weeks my daughter had been seen by a leading specialist at Pinehill Minhal Chatoo after Hannah had contacted him personally for an opinion. They have close links with the consultants at Pinehill and this was really helpful To say Hannah and her perseverance in getting Darcy the right referral and expertise was amazing is such a gross understatement!

Mr. Chatoo referred Darcy for an MRI scan and decided to operate on her knee as he diagnosed her with a cartilage injury. Thanks to Hannah it was discovered my daughter had been misdiagnosed.

Rob went in to attend my daughter’s surgery and has been outstanding in assisting with her rehab and recovery which included re-educating her to walk normally again. I cannot praise both Hannah and Rob enough. My now 12 year daughter is going to go on and lead a normal pain free life doing all the things a teenager should - or shouldn't!!

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